We currently only accept Paypal. If you are under 18 please get a parents permission.


Please go to http://www.islandearth.net/store.html for more information.

The IslandEarth Store

The IslandEarth Store is a way to support IslandEarth and in return you get a few perks. These perks include joining full servers, gaining access to many cosmetic items and accessing our premium community.

IslandEarth Premium is not required to enjoy IslandEarth. IslandEarth is 100% free to play, and you cannot purchase any items that will give you an advantage in the game. This is a core belief of ours. We will never make it easier to be the victor in any game, as that is hugely unfair. Instead, we urge that people buy premium to support us for what we do and gaining some of the non-game-changing perks.

All purchases are protected through various payment gateways and are delivered within 10 minutes of purchase. If you have any issues, questions or want to settle an unauthorised purchase please email sam@islandearth.net